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About Cellulose Insulation

Cellulose insulation is a building insulation made from recyled newsprint that is treated with non-toxic fire retardants.

Insulation Lowers Energy Loss

High gas and electricity bills often result from high energy loss (heating and air conditioning). Fortunately, 75% of such energy loss can be stopped. By properly insulating and sealing your home, you can significantly lower energy loss. In a typical two-story home, the greatest loss occurs through the roof and walls, a problem that can be greatly improved by installing insulation.

Energy loss in a typical two-story home: Infiltration 14%, Roof 35%, Walls 27%, Floors 3%, Windows and Doors 19%

Cellulose vs. Fiberglass

While fiberglass was considered a good insulator in the past, far better insulation options exists today. Smart Homes Insulation has used cellulose insulation for over 35 years, and it has proven an exceptional product. Cellulose has an "R" value (or ability of an insulation to resist heat flow) of 38 at 10", while blown fiberglass has an "R" value of only 22 at the same height. This difference is particularly important where small areas are concerned (e.g. corners). Because only so much material fits in such spaces, cellulose can provide a better barrier to energy loss.

Also, cellulose is an entirely organic product that is safe to handle and be around. Fiberglass, on the other hand, posesses many health hazards. It consists of finely woven particles of glass that can lodge into the skin causing iritation and itching. More importantly, these glass pieces may lodge into your lungs if inhaled. This threat is thought to cause potential long-term damage. Meanwhile, cellulose (made of recycled paper) is not known to cause any serious health problems.

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